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  • Does my trailer have a warranty?
    We guarantee all our trailers from Alamo Food Trailers, we have a 1 year warranty on all workmanship. It is important for us to make sure you keep working.
  • Are your trailers built here in the USA or are they imported from another country?
    All our trailers are built right here in Texas, they are certified with the NATM (National Association of Trailer Manufactures) this is a US safety standard. Electric brakes, brake away kit, properly sized axles and their position are all features manufactures who import their trailers are not required to have.
  • Do you offer 3D rendering of our trailer during the design period?
    Yes we do! We feel offering a 3D rendering during the design process is crucial for customer to visually see the layout of their trailer. These rendering can also be used to apply and get approval from local health departments and are included with every new trailer purchase.
  • What is the sales process?
    Decided to buy a trailer from us? Great! After we have worked out the exact equipment and options required for your build, we do have a 50% deposit to start the trailer build, after we receive the deposit we will then start the design process with a 3D rendering once approved we will start the build and within 12-16 weeks the remaining balance would be due at pick up or delivery.
  • What are your current build times from deposit?
    Our current build times are 12-16 weeks from deposit but manufacturing process can vary depending on complexity of the build.

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